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flagi - produkcjamaszty flagowewydruki reklamowe

Information for designers

Preparing files


1. Vector format


CorelDraw up to version X3 (13) or Adobe Illustrator up to version CS2
- All fonts and logos must be in the form of vectors

- colors – Pantone C (others: converted into CMYK or RGB)

PDF – up to version 4.0 (fonts in vector format)

SGV – up to version 1.1


Other formats: please contact our designers


2. Raster format – dpi ALWAYS on a scale of 1:1


TIFF (LZW compression or without), PSD, BMP, PNG, JPG (not very small files) – minimum 72 dpi; maximum 180 dpi – large print formats (banners, flags) – CMYK or RGB


Preferred color profiles:

CMYK - Euroscale Coated v2
RGB - sRGB IEC 61966-2.1
GRAY - Generic Gray Profile

EPS – conditionally (depending on the EXPORT parameters of a given program)


Other formats – consult our designers



1. The better and more precise the print (smaller – foil, paper, sometimes banners) the more DPI – always on a scale of 1:1.

2. Do not mix bitmaps - CMYK and RGB – in one file, e.g. CorelDraw.

3. Warm, saturated colors are ALWAYS A BETTER CHOICE.

4. Choose darker colors – the flag’s material becomes lighter as light passes through it. 

5. When printing flags we prefer using Pantone C colors. The Pantone C color system table can be downloaded from our website (PANTONE_Coated.pdf). Not all Pantone colors (especially light hues and greys) look good on both sides of the flag (permeations) so we cannot guarantee a good result using all colors from the pallet. You can purchase a printout of the entire pallet on a given flag material (free for returning customers).

6. An example of a correctly executed file (and much more) can be downloaded from our website (Logo_Demo.cdr or Logo_Demo.pdf)

7. Minimal differences in colors and dimensions (± 5%) may occur due to atmospheric conditions.

8. In case of any doubts contact our designers.