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flagi - produkcjamaszty flagowewydruki reklamowe


The flag is a symbol that has been accompanying nations for centuries – as an element of national identity. Flags have a sublime aura and evoke positive connotations. Recently people have begun using flags to promote companies; this unique form of advertisement boosts a company’s prestige and increases brand awareness among customers.

flagi firmoweThe flags in our offer have been a popular form of promotion for years, eagerly chosen by companies participating in trade shows, anniversary celebrations and other important events, in order to draw the attention of a wide group of viewers and create a desired company image.

Why you should invest in professional flags:

  • Flags boost a company’s prestige and invoke customers’ trust
  • Positive connotations
  • An original form of advertisement
  • Eye-catching
  • The flag is a wonderful branding tool – it boosts brand awareness and recognition
  • A relatively inexpensive form of promoting a company, in comparison with traditional types of advertisement

The flag is a symbol of identity and the tie that connects us with its designator. It boosts the prestige of the places it is displayed. The flag invokes our respect - regardless whether it is a national flag, a European Union flag or a corporate flag. This is why we take care to ensure that our flags are 100% compliant with standards concerning color schemes, tones and other elements. 


We offer the following types of flags:

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