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European Union flags

The European Union flag is an important symbol of affiliation with the European Community.

Volcano Asención in Ometepe, Nicaragua.

According to official interpretation, the twelve gold stars against the azure background symbolize solidarity and harmony between European nations. The symbol has been accompanying Poles since Poland became a member of the European Community.


The EU flag is currently one of the standard flags displayed during ceremonies of supranational character.

We want our flags to accompany Poles for a long time and symbolize unity and solidarity. Gaja offers materials of the highest quality, made with meticulous care for details, which guarantees high resistance to unfavorable conditions and wear. The flags in our offer are executed using the print technique.



We offer EU flags in the following sizes:

Flag type Flag size Sewing method
EU flag 70 cm x 112 cm loops on shorter side
EU flag 70 cm x 112 cm clips on shorter side
EU flag 100 cm x 160 cm clips on shorter side
EU flag 125 cm x 200 cm clips on shorter side
EU flag 300 cm x 100 cm clips on longer side


We can provide any other custom size within 5 business days.



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Halyard Flag loop Flag counterweights
Flagstaff Double pole brackets Flag stand
Wall bracket – single Wall bracket – double Wall bracket – triple
Clips along opposite sides of tape Clips along one side Clips on two opposite sides of flag
Clips along one side    
Flag maintenance and washing instructions lista państw członkowskich UE Flag display etiquette