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Prints on paper

Paper is becoming increasingly popular for large format advertising.


Volcano Asención in Ometepe, Nicaragua.

For photographic prints we use several varieties of photo paper, depending on customer requirements and print size.


The paper in our offer comes in a variety of formats:


  • Blue Back Side Paper – density: 120 g/m2. Billboard paper with a blue reverse side prevents contrasting colors from showing through. The paper is intended for indoor use and short display periods. Blue Back paper is partially resistant to water and is mainly used for billboards. Width: 160cm
  • Poster paper – density: 150 g/m2
    Poster paper is intended for indoor use as well as short-term outdoor use. Width: 123cm.
  • CityLight paper – density: 150 g/m2.
    CityLight paper is used for indoor display and outdoor display in citylight cases.  Width: 123cm.




  • New
250 gr/m2 paper density available for large format prints.