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Flags for Asseco Prokom

Fan clubs

Nadoble Marina and Euro2012 Gniewino Training Center realization

Torwar Hall – rental of 8m aluminum flagpoles  with stands

Plichta Jeep Auto Dealership – large-format prints

Flags and flagpoles in the Lotos refinery

Various horizontal/vertical flags

Mini flag stands and miniature flags


Our flags are visible in the sky in Lithuania…. 2010.


Scouting Association of the Republic of Poland – trip to Barcelona –Beach flags 90x30cm, Polish mini-flags

4th Aviator Picnic in Plock – June of 2010

Images taken during the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald

The City and Municipality of Wejherowo

maszt 10 mjednostka wojskowa w wejherowie - maszt 10 mstarostwo - maszty 8mmaszty fasadowe starostwo maszt 18 m - rondo solidarności

Castle in Gniew – sponsored event